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Enjoy a Chinese tasting session for 2 in Bologna

If you're unsure about the great assortment of traditional Haowei Restaurant dishes or if you want to go for a tasteful holiday in the Far East, trust the chef with the selection! This cuisine expert from Bologna has prepared 3 simple Chinese tasting options for you: choose your meat dish for two persons, a fish or mixed menu and enjoy all the goodness of the East.

Menu 1

  • Crystal ravioli with shrimp
  • Shao Mai beef with black pepper
  • Sea bass ravioli
  • Steamed meat ravioli
  • Raw Vietnamese spring rolls
  • Chicken rolls
  • Fresh pasta with chef sauce
  • Chopped rice with Chao Shao
  • Pork ribs of the highest quality
  • Steamed shrimp balls
(Minimum of 2 people, 38 €)

Menu 2

  • Steamed meat ravioli
  • Chao Mai beef with black pepper
  • Steamed meat rolls
  • Chao rolls with vegetables
  • Meatballs with fried soya leaf
  • Glutinous rice with pork ribs
  • Fresh pasta with chef sauce
  • Peking duck
  • Stir-fried green beans
(Minimum of 2 people, 45 €)

Menu 3

  • Crystal ravioli with seafood
  • Crystal ravioli with shrimp
  • Chao Mai Shrimp
  • Sea bass ravioli
  • Prawn rolls*
  • Grilled fish meatballs
  • Mixed spaghetti seafood
  • Hot and sour fried rice
  • Salt and pepper rombo
  • Steamed shrimp balls
(Minimum of 2 people, 55 €)

Meat, fish or mixed menu? Make a bookings for two in Bologna
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