Traditional Chinese dishes

Wok, steam and grill specialties in Bologna

Come and try out the best of traditional Chinese cuisine, prepared by the Haowei Restaurant's Chef in Bologna according to ancient traditional techniques, cooked with wok, steam or grilled. The quality and uniqueness of all the dishes are guaranteed not only by virtue of the chef's experience but also by the careful selection of fresh ingredients, such as the fresh fish selected every morning and appropriately packed by the kitchen staff. 
Are you ready? Your Chinese taste adventure is about to start.

Handmade ravioli

The ravioli pasta is hand made by the chef every day. Stuffed meat (beef and pork) and vegetables prepared according to tradition. Steamed or grilled ravioli.
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ravioli al vapore

Crystal ravioli

Unlike the classic ravioli, Haowei's crystal ravioli are made with wheat flour, boiling water and potato starch, then stuffed and cooked in a Chinese bamboo wood vaporizer.

Fresh pasta with parsley

The pasta is made by hand everyday by the chef and flavoured with a pig, bovine and bean sauce. It takes several hours to cook, just like the Bolognese ragù.
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anatra alla pechinese

Transparent fish soup

The bass or cod fillet is tenderized so that it can release the taste in the broth. With the addition of potato starch the fish becomes almost transparent. The soup is also made from vegetables.

Sweet bass with pine nuts

Tasty fish recipe. The bass pulp that has been taken from the fish is placed into the egg and potato stew, fried and left simmering in sweet-sour sauce and pine nuts.
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Traditional Pechinese duck

Complex recipe made according to tradition. The duck is drenched with sugar and vinegar and left to marinate for 10 hours. It is stuffed with spices and baked in the oven for 50 minutes. In the end it will have a crunchy crust, accompanied by pasta, edamame, leek and cucumber.

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